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Height Lineup CSB Complete by Peachakean
Height Lineup CSB Complete
Holy CRAP i actually got it done!

Alaighn Blasa
An optimistic sword-swinging type on her first big adventure. Not THE Hero, but OUR hero nonetheless.

Oldest and highest level of the core trio. Here to keep the other two from getting killed (because his boss made him)

The team noob. Well meaning and enthusiastic. Has no idea what he's doing. Needs to stop bring home animals, especially ones that turn out to be wizards.

Renwick the Great!
A very vain wizard cursed to become a dog-like creature until he performs a certain number of good deeds. Or possibly until he has a certain number of good deeds done to him; the conditions of the curse were worded a little foggy. Either way, he has been a dog for a LONG time.

Chris Cloudflier
A rogue and local purveyor of interesting information. Belongs to Cloudflier.

His armor, which I did not design:…

Dark Violet
Not a tsunedere, just trying really hard to be stoic. Two words: two swords.
Belongs to albinisticranger

Violet's weird, monster-huning cousin. Morally grey and full of himself. Probably a good guy deep down. Probably. Deacon is not his real name.

Ye Xian Zhao
Formerly a self-rescuing Cinderella, now hunts monsters with Deacon. Likes him, and frankly everything else, a lot more than she lets on.

Wise because he is among the oldest people on the cast, gives good advice if you can figure out what he's saying. Can appear quite suddenly for being so large.

His armor, which I did not design:…

Formly part of the Cloudflier-through-Deacon crew, betrayed them due to an offer of bigger and better things by Sulliman (hurr). Was somewhat disappointed (HURR).

A Cleric of the sisterhood and so named accordingly. Well, okay, so she's not fully a cleric yet. Will never let Con forget she is one half inch taller than him.

Her armor, which I did not design:…

Clara Castell
A seller of books and scrolls both magical and mundane. Has a love of gardening and collects potted plants. Also the main supplier of groundedness to the core trio, all of whom occasionally run out.

A real prima donna of a troll. Like more than usual, I mean.

The implications of morph armor. Is pretty much a human head on a frost dragon body. Capable of returning to humanity, refuses to do so.

Her armor, which I did not design:…
I took liberties with this one, in particular the shape of the legs.

A doom knight whose advanced age has not at all hampered his zealotry, though the dark spirit possessing him might be needing a new host soon…and it might just be someone we know...

His armor, which I did not design:…

His helm is the standard Doomknight helm from cutscenes, but with ram horns instead of those forward-jutting horns.

Chael Agormoth
Octogenarian ruler of an underground empire of unregistered necromancy materials. Hobbies include graverobbing, buying limbs from desperate people, and baking doom cookies. Grandma from hell, basically.

A terrible necrmancer, in the sense that he isn't very good at his job. A vastly talented green mage, would rather play with dead things. Oh well.

Average Skeletal Minion
Sulliman has a lot of these running around. And they aren;t intelligent at all. Nope. No consciousness. None at all. Not capable of thought, and CERTAINLY not capable plotting Sulliman's overthrow. No, no plotting here, so STOP ASKING!!!

A scribbly skeleton, because he's only there for height comparison

Not every Shadowhunter is lucky enough to stay alive. Not every Shadowhunter is lucky enough to die either…

His armor, which I did not design:…
Hat from the same set.
This isn't an exact copy either; Sabre's uniform is quite distressed.

Another doom knight, and an uncommonly devoted on at that. Runs a tight ship, and is the first to suspect that Titus's history with Chael Agormoth is not entirely finished…

Her armor, which I did not design:…

Helm is the Doomknight hood with altered antlers.

Lord of Aldora, and a devoted older brother. Has never been unseated in a joust. Rides a really badass unicorn and makes the audience swoon. Is also a badass outside of tournaments, which people unfortunately (for them) forget.

Is grateful for his brother's care after the death of their parents, but is wishing for more space to come into his own. A gifted healer, but not terribly adept with the lance. Braids Lucinda's mane into elaborate patterns and then insists it must have been someone else, even when he gets caught doing it.

His armor, which I did not design:

Sir Fire the Infallible
Now that's a Sir Fire way to get a girl's attention! *wink*

Her armor, which I did not design:…

(easily my favorite on this page in terms of how she turned out)

Wait a minute, she's actually into it. WHY is she into it? Answer: cause Sir Fire is smoking hot.
Works at the bakery next to Clara's garden stand.

Outfit heavily based on Bastet from Oasis in the Sandsea saga.

Hangs around with Sir Fire, but is considerably less impressed by her than Irsa.

Vian Haelisson
What's a girl to do when she falls in love with someone eight times her height? Answer: sit on his shoulder. Everything is wonderful.

Ambassador Prisma
Ostensibly an emissary from another dimension, is actually an ex-prince exiled in disgrace. But hey, Vian doesn't need to know that right? No way a lie like this could blow up in his face...

Peter "Jenny" Jennings
Has been repairing airship engines since there have been airships, yessir. Enjoys fishing on his days off. Possesses chill that can' t be shaken.

His armor, which I did not design:…

Mattimea Guerir
Is that Con's mother?! One of them, anyway. Currently in prison for treason to the crown.

Baggy, shoeless, bracer-less version of the armor bandits wear

Ontibile La Grande
Alaighn's mentor, Con's boss. An old mage who possesses very little patience for foolishness, but always tries to do right by her students.

Not Pictured:
Even more than listed on this image, this story has a lot of people in it >___<
I don't know how this happened
Not explicit and only mildly nsfw, but tagged just in case.

I had the stupidest possible random thought while brushing  my teeth today, and since I have to live with this monstrosity in my head I hereby impose it on all of you as well.

I finally found a piece of social media I actually USE!
I got a tumblr. This crap is also on it.


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